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Our mission is to offer a deep cannabis experience that provides people with a quality craft concentrate.


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Hood Canal Processing is a family-owned processor of hand-crafted concentrates. Our craft concentrates begin with us personally visiting and thoroughly vetting every farm we work with. We consult with the farmers and those running the farm to get a clear picture of their whole curing process. As a processor, this is the most important step of the growing process. Our high standards insure that all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids are preserved best as possible.

From our experience, we’ve found that a great deal is invested into the farm, but not nearly enough attention is given to the science of processing. We take pride in our laboratory and apply the scientific process to cannabis to ensure the highest quality concentrates, consistently.

Great care and effort goes into the extraction process in our laboratory. Instead of large-scale production, we offer small batches of specially crafted and curated concentrates with only cannabis-derived terpenes. Our mission is to offer a deep cannabis experience that provides people with a quality craft concentrate.

Cold filtered Cannabis Concentrates

Winterizing process keeps our concentrates cold — very cold. This helps preserve the freshness of our product.

Hood Canal Full Depth

full depth concentrate

Our full depth concentrate line will take you on a journey to the depths of euphoria. These concentrates are crafted to give you the perfect balance of concentrated THC and cannabis-derived terpenes.

deep rso concentrate

A full spectrum blend of cannabis plant matter with ethanol extract. Our true RSO oil is created to have all of the benefits the cannabis plant has to offer. Our sleek and easy to use dablicator takes the syringe out of cold-filtered Cannabis Concentrates.

Hood Canal Deep RSO
Hood Canal

the deep concentrate

Are you looking to get into craft concentrates? This is the perfect product to begin your journey. A beautiful BHO line that will get you to the deep spot you need to be.

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