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The Deep Line:


Our Deep line products are a top-shelf collection of unparalleled BHO concentrates. Made with only high quality cannabis from trusted farms, we strip away undesirables like plant waxes, fats and moisture. This allows us to harvest the terpene and cannabinoid profiles, the true essence of the strain. The Deep Line is a true representation of each strain’s ultimate potential, consisting almost entirely of cannabinoids and terpenes. The Deep Line also includes strain blends offering terpene profiles that have never been experienced before!

The Full Depth Line:

RSO Concentrates of Unrivalled Quality and Versatility

Our Full Depth RSO will change the way you think about RSO. Made with culinary grade ethanol our RSO is created to not only offer the highest level of cannabinoids and terpenes possible but also maximum versatility to cannabis enthusiasts. The Full Depth RSO can be low temperature dabbed by itself or smoked with your favorite strain of flower in a joint or bowl. The high THC content enables the RSO to be consumed at far lower temperatures than concentrates that are high in THCA. Almost all Full Depth RSO line products are offered in an easy-to-use dablicator to ensure ease of use, accurate dosing and no mess!

Our ProcesS


The colder the better! While cannabinoids can withstand a great deal of heat
in the extraction process, terpenes can not. We set out to create products not
only high in cannabinoids but products that also deeply submerge cannabis
connoisseurs in a sea of terpenes. Each experience offering a symphony of
fragrance and distinct mind-body high.
We have placed a great deal of time and effort into creating our own cannabislaboratory and revolutionary methods of extraction. These methods aredesigned to isolate cannabinoids and terpenes from undesirables like plantwaxes, fats and moisture. Utilizing Subzero temperatures, down to -90°C or-130°F, we reveal the essence of each strain and preserve it for the cannabisaficionado to enjoy!
Our family designed, built and operate our laboratory to create products that make certain your experience is not just getting high, but getting deep.

About Us


Hood Canal Concentrates is a family owned and operated processor of small-batch, quality concentrates. Our family has deep roots in the North West, descending from the Longmire pioneers that settled here in the 1850s.
While we have long called the Hood Canal area our home we have not lost our pioneering spirit. From our experience, we have found that a great deal of attention and care has been invested into cannabis cultivation, but we wanted to dedicate more to the science of concentrating cannabis. Our family takes immense pride in our laboratory and our application of the scientific process to cannabis refinement to ensure the highest quality products, consistently.

Our craft concentrates begin with us personally visiting and thoroughly vetting every farm we work with. We know that as a cannabis processor, our product’s potential is based on the attention, care and countless hours farmers put into their cannabis crops. We feel that it is our responsibility to create products that embody the immeasurable care that is invested into each strain! Our laboratory grade precision insures that each strain will maintain its delicate and one of a kind terpene profile and unique cannabinoid blend.

Great care and effort goes into each strain that enters our laboratory. Instead of large-scale production, we offer small batches of specially crafted concentrates with only strain specific cannabis-derived terpenes. Our mission is to create and offer cannabis concentrates that will immerse cannabis connoisseurs in sea of terpenes and cannabinoids so profound that the only way to describe the experience is not high but DEEP!

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